Egghead Creative is delighted to share the news that we have launched a new app called Purplle. The app offers a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products. We were approached by Manas Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd to develop an app on Android platform which has the potential to redefine the e-shopping of cosmetic products. The app features a number of mobile-friendly and social media-friendly features for a holistic and comprehensive cosmetics shopping experience.

Purplle has a minimalistic interface design, with customers being able to immediately start browsing the collection of products without having to sign in right at the beginning. Instead of a product listing, the app features each product or cosmetics kit on a single tile that takes up most of the device display. Users can then swipe left or right to browse the products.

Users can refine their options by tapping the drop-down menu on the top left corner of the app, under which they can skin, hair, men’s, makeup, fragrance and electronics segments. Alternatively, they can browse all the available offers under a single consolidated section, or browse by categories or brands under the ‘Shop’ segment.

One of the most unique features of the Purplle App is that it allows users to create their own personalized kit of cosmetics and beauty products under the ‘Create’ segment. Users can simply tap on the ‘Add Item’ option to create their own personal basket. They can then tap on the options on the top right corner of the screen to either publish their list on social media with friends and family, or to make a new basket.

Today, Purplle is one of the few India-made apps on Android focused almost solely on cosmetics and beauty products, including products for men. It is also one of the best made apps. Its light size makes it easy to download, and its minimalistic interface means that there is a smaller chance of the app slowing down or getting stuck. The design and layout of the app is also simple and intuitive yet comprehensive.

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