As of October 8th, we are discontinuing BuiltForFree as a platform, where we were seeking ideas on a Bi-Annual basis and building a free prototype for the winner.

We started BuiltForFree as a way to engage with aspiring entrepreneurs almost two years ago. But along the way, we realized, the amount of effort going into maintaining such a platform is immense and that building such a community was taking away our limited energies from Egghead Creative.

During the pilot period, we helped H2OCabs by Tejasri Darsi and Parking Made Simple by Chanakya & Lokesh to ideate, wireframe and build a proof a concept around their local commute and parking resolution aspirations.

We are very thankful for the connections we have made along the way. To name a few, Ravi & Arpita from Startup Hyderabad, Sanjay & Vineel from 50K Ventures, Dinesh from OnwardHealth have been very supportive of our efforts.

We are proud of the continued work we do at Egghead Creative, working closely with entrepreneurs, advising them and getting them off the ground. We started in 2011, inspired by the likes of ThoughtWorks and PivotalLabs in product engineering and design. We shall continue doing the same with a renewed vigor and focus.

In the ongoing spirit of BuiltForFree, we will continue accepting requests for help on ideation, technology adoption, and other scaling issues – just not in a campaign/event like manner.

Please visit our new home, and reach out to us with any suggestions or feedback.