We just wrapped up our 2 month Summer Internship program with four candidates from best schools in India, successfully. Here’s what one of our interns from IIT Kharagpur has to say …

“Interning at The Egghead Creative has been a wonderful experience for me. The two month stint helped me get acclimatized to the current trends in IT development.

Being a Geology major, I have had no formal training in Computer Science. However, since I had a keen interest in coding, I strengthened my basics with regular practice and started exploring various avenues. To expand my horizons, I wished to work in the corporate sector, especially in a promising start-up.

The Egghead Creative provided me just the right opportunity I was looking for. In the due course of two months, I got to explore Application development in depth and also its impact on the market. The efficient and friendly work culture made me adapt very easily. Regular debates and discussions in which everyone in the company participated, including the CEO, helped me stay motivated and work to my potential.

I was fascinated by the Extreme Programming principles the company adheres to. I initially disliked the idea of pair programming. but in the due course of time I realized the benefits of it which eventually helped me succeed in accomplishing the given user stories. The stand-up meetings inculcated a sense of self worth which is essential in sustaining the right temperament. The knowledge transfer sessions held every Saturday provided a class room atmosphere for learning.

Overall it was a perfect blend of everything under one roof." – Vijay Chitirala

Thank you vijay for the kind words. We do believe in making good software.