Mee Seva
Mee Seva
MeeSeva is to provide smart, citizen centric, ethical, efficient and effective governance facilitated by technology.
onward health
Onward Health
A pre and post operative health care application, where doctors can monitor the compliance of the patient progress. Patient will be updating their regimen through the mobile application.
subha comprehensive cancer care
Subha Comprehensive Cancer Care
A centralised hospital management system where the admin can create, manage and monitor clinics. Individual clinics can manage and track their encounters, medical records, availability and so on.
EzDoc is online consultation application
An online consultation platform where patients book an video/audio consultation with doctors based on their availability. Doctors can give their diagnosis and medication through the platform and also track ther payments. A sign admin portal thatgives an holistic control of the application and analytics that would help with marketing efforts.
waste management system
Smart Waste
SmartWaste is a solid waste management tracking system, that measurs and analyzes the collected waste, tracks realtime performance of vehicle, employee performance and so on.
purplle is a largest cosmetic products selling android application
Purplle iOS
Purplle is a india’s biggest online cosmetic store, which allows you to buy all beauty products at one place.
online tutoring platform
Star Academy
StarAcademy is a platform where teachers interacts with students through online virtual classroom.
online card gaming application
An online gaming application for card lovers to earn actual money by playing cards.
realtorzone is a realestate andriod application for searching houses, lands and flats
Realtors Zone
A property aggregator from leading portals enabling users to search, buy, lease and sell properties across India. Also the application gives lifestyle meter based on different metrics of the prefered location.
buysmaart is an online application to sell elctronic goods
Buysmaart enables users to compare different products based on thier requirement criteria intelligently and assisting in taking an educated choice for buying an item.
A geo-location based mobile application that help business market their products and push the latest deals to their end customers. Marketing and discount coupons are pushed to the end user based on the their interests and current location either through a ibecon or push notifications.
Just Kapture
Just Kapture
justkapture is a web and mobile application where users can print their memories captures into a beautiful photo copy and get delivered to their door steps.
An Android application that helps the user with planning the eletrical system for their building
h2ocabs is a point to point cab sharing service
H2O Cabs
Cab sharing services, helping customers in finding their destination with comfortable ride and price. It also provides daily and monthly subscriptions.
tutorsweb is a online tutoring platform
An online learning platform helping students search and hire professional personal tutors that would help with you assignments, homework and much more.
purplle is an ios application for selling cosmetic prodcuts
A clean and intuitive mobile application to let their customers buy premium products and stay informed with the upcoming deals and events.
betbomb is a gaming application
A web and mobile platform for sport fans to place fancy bets on the upcoming games and earn actual money.
ekincare is an healthcare services company
A smart way of managing health records, lab reports, track medical history and identifying chronic diseases early.
An online identification for all its health partners, providers and subscribers.
muse is musical application developed by egghead creative
Discover and Listen to a never ending stream of music curated into exhaustive categories and sub categories.
devcycle is a task managment system
A project and task management tool that can be used from planning to executation of a project or even manage day to day operational tasks.
Shout Search
Shout Search
Shout Search is a search and communication platform for house hold services like electrical services, house keeping etc.
Open Government
Open Government is a free and open-source public resource website for government transparency and civic engagement at the state and local levels.
School Measures
School Measures
SchoolMeasures is a list management application that provides just enough functionality to organize and track work to keep projects moving in the right direction.
Peer To Patent
Peer To Patent
Peer to Patent is an online system that aims to improve the quality of issued patents by enabling the public to supply the USPTO with information relevant to assessing the claims of pending patent applications.
By aggregating and then analyzing a persons rich behavioral history, both online and offline, Repify gives its users the power to safely and reliably prove their reputations to others.
Defensive Publications
Defensive Publications
Defensive Publications are a method for the open source community to prevent the issuance of low quality software patents.
Linux Defenders
Linux Defenders
Post-Issue Peer to Patent, or simply Post-Issue, seeks to improve the quality of patents by providing a framework for ferreting out weak, non-meritorious patent claims in patents that have issued.
Bizcon It
A smarthub based home control and inventory management system to manage your consumption levels, home security, replenishment and so on.