Web Development

Ruby On Rails . Angular JS . Backbone JS . Spring MVC . MEAN . React JS

We cater to the clients in the areas of web design, web content development, client side scripting, network security configuration and e-commerce application. What not, you name it - we do it. We have the expertise.Our accomplishments are the benchmarks as facts speak of themselves.

Mobile Development

Android . iOS . Ionic . Xamarin . PhoneGap``

Today it is the world of mobile users and we serve the market in a latest outlook. We build small scale to large applications on different platforms. We make the solution with latest functionality by minimising keystrokes and by being task oriented.

Data Aggregation & Visualization

Keeping in mind data processing data from different sources in the form of data sets is obtained. The stored data then is exhibited using data visualisation software. All the text based data is replaced by visual content.

Big Data & Analytics

Future is the world of big data & analytics. Our vision is to dig deep into the various tools available in the market. to ensure that we are catching up with the latest technologies available.

Quality Control & Testing

We practise agile methodology and hence we have many iterations for the service offered. It ensures thorough quality checking and testing is done at the user side.. We inturn have immense control over testing and quality.

Third Party Integrations

We often use third party tools in our services. The integrations are handsomely built catering to the needs of the application. Almost in all the applications built we successfully used third party integrations.