EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Books to Read
Books to Read
If you are starting up, one of the key things for you is to have an open mind to learn new things. Often you will see I call it a “Learning Triangle”. For me, you can have learnings through 3 ways to associate.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | How to find a right mentor
How to find a right mentor
Whatever you want to achieve, it’s necessary to have a person to Mentor you who can have seen the path before and can guide you well to your destination.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Do your customers like what you build?
Do your customers like what you build?
Most of the times Ideas fail because the founders think it’s a problem that needs to be solved but it’s not really a problem at all. Most of the time founders sit behind their screens and start developing the product. But founders need to get out of the building and keep all the efforts to understand and understand their customers first.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | How to come up with a startup idea
How to come up with a startup idea
It's tricky to say that something is a right Idea. Paul Graham, Founder of YCombinator says The very best startup ideas tend to have three things in common they're “something the founders themselves want, they themselves can build and only a few others realize are worth doing.” He says great companies like Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook all began this way.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go & Prisma
How many Pokemons have you collected till now? And in that how many are turned into beautiful instant art pieces by Prism?
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Employee Flexibility
Give ‘em flexible working hours for better productivity
Startups are mushrooming in the country and they are the new fad. But what is making them so popular with the masses despite no assurance a definite future? Well, the answer is the flexible working hours that is allowed in these places. And following suit are companies who are giving freedom to their employees to work at their own pace but meeting the targets on time.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | successful business
Want a successful business? Advertise online
This is Internet world we are living in today. We cannot imagine a world without the internet. We get our daily updates from the internet. It is a way to connect with the world, be it through the social media or popular mobile apps like WhatsApp, Hangout, etc.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Tips
Tips to be a successful entrepreneur
Startups are mushrooming in the country today. Food, healthcare, real estate, you name the industry and you will be have a long list of start-ups fighting for the number one spot. But have you ever thought why these start-ups took so little time to make a dent in the industry? Besides team work it’s that one person who is willing to risk it all to see his business rise. He is the entrepreneur.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Media exposure
How to get media exposure for your start-up
Every start-up needs media coverage. They are hungry for publicity which they know they can only achieve through a small write-up about their product in a newspaper. This can do wonders to your business. Not just it will grow locally, it will also draw attention of national readers. Besides, today, news is not just restricted to newspapers; it is all over social media. Twitter, Facebook, etc, are some of the common platforms where entrepreneurs communicate with their consumers, take their feedback on their products and popularise them with the masses. If your product gets people talking, it can become popular overnight and help you achieve your business goals in no time.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Fashion Blog
Make a fashion statement with a blog
Have you just started your own fashion company and looking to promote it online? Then you are on the right page. We are here to tell you how fashion blogs are huge right now and having a blog is your sure-shot way to success. But we get started, you must know that blogging is tough work. It needs immense dedication, along with pictures that are attractive and content that is fashionable enough to draw the online crowd to your blog.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Blog
Get popular with blogging
Blogs are in these days. They have become the trendsetters with almost everyone having a blog of their own. While some people take to social media to voice their opinions, there are some who do it through their blogs and are getting rave reviews for it.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | successfull business
For a successful business...
A business needs your complete attention, especially when you own a start-up. It demands your dedication and perseverance for it is bound to face failures before it becomes a success story.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | Employee engagement
Employee engagement a must for start-ups
For any business to be a success, it needs a strong and healthy engaged workplace. Several researches have shown that happy and motivated employees are more productive. Start-ups, however, need to work on employee engagement by providing them a secured, free and idea-generating environment and boosting their confidence from time to time.
EggheadCreative Talk of Town | chennai floods
As chennai situation worsens, Start-ups to the rescue
Chennai is battling for survival as the city has been thrown out of gear after it is flooded with incessant rains in the past few weeks. The city has practically ‘drowned’ leaving residents hungry and homeless. The situation has worsened in the past few days and the Indian Armed Forces have been called in to help. The MET department has predicted more rains in the coming days.