Chennai is battling for survival as the city has been thrown out of gear after it is flooded with incessant rains in the past few weeks. The city has practically ‘drowned’ leaving residents hungry and homeless. The situation has worsened in the past few days and the Indian Armed Forces have been called in to help. The MET department has predicted more rains in the coming days.

With relief operations in full swing, several start-ups are offering assistance to the flood-stricken people providing them with food, shelter, medical aid, mobile top-ups to keep them connected with their loved ones.

Practo, a Bangalore-based healthcare start-up, has come up with a list of verified doctors and hospitals in Chennai. The list is being shared widely on social media websites so that it could reach the people in the affected areas.

Paytm is offering instant mobile top-ups of Rs 30 to help the flood-affected citizens stay connected with their families. There are several colleges in Chennai where students were stranded and several appeals of help have been made through social media by their families and friends. It has provided a toll-free number for instant top-ups.

It has been learnt that service cabs provider Ola Cabs has set up safety zones for those affected with floods. The safety zones are offering food and medical supplies. It is also providing boat service in areas that are water-logged.

OYO Rooms has also jumped in rescue measures by offering accommodations at reasonable rates to people whose houses have been flooded. is becoming the largest website for crowdsourcing, offering information on places of shelter, rescue operations, food, medical aid available, etc.

India’s largest food ordering app Zomato, is encouraging people to donate a meal to the flood-affected people to which they will add a second meal.

Urbanclap is running free pest control camps in all areas affected by floods.