For any business to be a success, it needs a strong and healthy engaged workplace. Several researches have shown that happy and motivated employees are more productive. Start-ups, however, need to work on employee engagement by providing them a secured, free and idea-generating environment and boosting their confidence from time to time.

Below are some of the tips for start-ups on how they can encourage employee engagement their companies.

1. Building confidence: This is a new company. It is not certain how far it will go and how much time will it take to become successful. Thus, your employees are bound to feel under-confident about the company and which direction it is heading you. To build their confidence, a good talk once in a while is a must. This could be about how the company is faring, its current status and little about the future it holds.

2. Give them a sense of ownership: Ownership comes with responsibility. Once they will start taking responsibility, they are bound to suggest improvements. This will encourage them to work hard towards their work and the company. Also, value their decisions too.

3. Discussions over coffee: It is not always necessary to have meetings in formal suits and inside a board room. Informal and friendly discussions about work over coffee can boost their engagement in work. This will spread positivity in office and the productivity will go up.

4. Work together: Start-ups are all about team work. If you will not be flexible, a sense of insecurity will creep in ruining your relationship with your employees. Give them an environment where they feel comfortable to not hesitate to speak their mind.

5. A party once in a while can do wonders: A break from work is always welcome. After hours gathering and partying can reveal their involvement in the business and with their colleagues. Also, such breaks will allow time off for employees and when they return to work the next day, they will be refreshed and energetic.