Startups are mushrooming in the country and they are the new fad. But what is making them so popular with the masses despite no assurance a definite future? Well, the answer is the flexible working hours that is allowed in these places. And following suit are companies who are giving freedom to their employees to work at their own pace but meeting the targets on time.

This kind of freedom is having a positive effect on the employees who are able to produce better results for the business.

1. Better productivity: Flexible working hours can take the productivity of the employees up in many ways. If you give them the freedom to work at hours that suits them, they could come up with best results.

2. Efficient workforce: With flexible working hours, the efficiency of employees will also grow. They will then put in their best foot forward to come out with extraordinary results. They will also turn out competent and you will not have to worry about getting the job done.

3. Gives morale a boost: With flexible working hours, you will see happy faces around. And a happy workforce is good for any business. Also, they will not feel bounded by the working hours and this will give them the freedom to work within their space.

4. Helps in retaining employees: If you have happy employees, be assured that there will be no quitting. You must have heard that most employees quit because of workload. With flexible working hours, the workload will be divided and deadline will be taken care of too.

5. Saving office cost: Flexible working hours would mean employees taking work home too. If you give them this freedom, you may end up saving a lot on electricity, laptops, etc.

6. Less of sickness leaves: Flexible working hours will make sure that there is no bunking work. There will be less of excuses for not coming to work and the work will also get finished on time. Employees will themselves not take sick leaves that often.