Every start-up needs media coverage. They are hungry for publicity which they know they can only achieve through a small write-up about their product in a newspaper. This can do wonders to your business. Not just it will grow locally, it will also draw attention of national readers. Besides, today, news is not just restricted to newspapers; it is all over social media. Twitter, Facebook, etc, are some of the common platforms where entrepreneurs communicate with their consumers, take their feedback on their products and popularise them with the masses. If your product gets people talking, it can become popular overnight and help you achieve your business goals in no time.

Here are a few ways to get press coverage for your product or service:

1. Have your own blog: To begin with, get your blog started. A blog will help you start a conversation with your target readers and consumers. A blog also gives an idea what your focus is on, about your work and what you are there to provide them. This will help generate traffic for your website.

2. Get in touch with reporters/journalists: Make a list of journalists or reporters who would give you good exposure. You should make sure that the journalists you are approaching do have some knowledge of what your work is about so that they can understand the need of your website. Maintain good relations with the media. Do not write off the journalist as yet. You should know you will need them again and again. So be friendly with them.

3. Be active on social media: The fastest way to spread the word about your product is through social media. Make most of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Posts updates, news, events on your product or service so that it can draw maximum attention.

4. Send out emails: Emails are the most reliable source of information. Using phones to talk about your product is not a good idea. Sending out emails to media houses with a great pitch and details of your product or service will surely help you get space in newspapers, magazines, etc.

5. Grow network in local areas through events: This is a sure-shot way to get you all the attention from your local media. Holding events and sending out invites to the media will get you coverage in local newspapers and websites. Interesting events will get you the desired attention from consumers and soon you will become the talk of the town. Conferences and media briefings on a regular basis, especially making announcements through these can help you fetch eye-balls.

6. Be your own PR: You are a start-up and you definitely need a good PR. But there is monetary constraint. Worry not! Be your own PR. Write your own emails to media houses that are not very long, are to-the-point, and have catchy headlines. You have a better understanding of your product and this will come through in your emails.