How many Pokemons have you collected till now? And in that how many are turned into beautiful instant art pieces by Prism?

We have two current trends that are making everybody blow up their minds over it.
Pokemon Go is the augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, gives you the chance to fulfill your dream to be Ash Ketchum(Pokemon Protagonist) or Misty. It basically uses your phone’s clock and GPS to detect when and where are you, synchronizes it within the game to make Pokemon roll in nearby(on your phone screen) so that you can go ahead and catch them. As you roam around, different types of Pokemons will appear depending on time and location.

If you are free on July 23rd, visit KBR park and be a part of Hyderabad’s first Pokemon Go battleground.

Prism is an iOS app that turns your smartphone photos into timeless art pieces in seconds with it’s amazing AI using neural network/deep learning algorithms. It was launched only last week and already garnered around 1.6million downloads according to its CEO and co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov.

With this, you can convert your photos into beautiful masterpieces in seconds and share them instantly all over social media. If you are in for more exciting stuff, go ahead and document your Pokemon adventure as an incredible graphic novel.